Twitter launches in-stream video ads for brands in MENA

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As more people want to see more video content, Twitter has expanded the ways viewers can find relevant video content on the platform by launching in-stream video ads.

Benjamin Ampen, Head of Revenue for Twitter in the MENA region said, “In-Stream Video Ads enable brands to align their pre-rolls to videos based on audience interest and not specific to an event as is the case with In-Stream Video Sponsorships, which has been successfully rolled out in the region for over a year. Brands now have a suite of ad solutions on Twitter to address to their specific campaign objectives.”

“Twitter is home to premium video from hundreds of the world’s top publishers. We partner with these publishers to develop and scale diverse video content around people’s passions and interests,” a statement from Twitter noted.

“As consumers’ appetite for video grows, we’ve expanded the ways our audience can discover relevant video content on the platform.”

“This also creates an opportunity for our advertisers to better align with relevant video content at scale, which is being consumed by Twitter users.”

“Brands in the MENA region can now run in-stream video ads on Twitter to align with videos from our premium content partners across numerous interest categories such as Sports, News and Entertainment. These include top TV networks, major publishing houses, leagues, magazines, digital creators and professional news outlets globally,” the statement added.