This is the most talked about multinational retail brand in KSA on Twitter

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Twitter has revealed insights about the most talked about multinational retail brand in Saudi Arabia based on the volume of Tweets.

As per the social media giant’s insights, @McDonaldsKSA emerged as the most mentioned multinational retail brand on Twitter in 2017.


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Two campaigns, namely Global McDonalds App campaign and Premium Signature Range campaign, emerged as the brand’s top performing 2017 campaigns on Twitter, managed by social agency Ethos Interactive.

Benjamin Ampen, Head of Revenue, Twitter, MENA said, “Each day, millions of people come to Twitter to see what’s happening. At the same time, marketers come to Twitter to reach this live, premium audience and to be what’s happening. It’s great to see how McDonald’s has used the platform to connect with consumers and influence perceptions, all while driving business results.”


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“McDonald’s branding strategy on Twitter is to humanize the brand by continuously engaging and interacting with our audiences, listening and addressing their concerns and needs, and ultimately providing them with feel-good content that consequently increases McDonald’s engagement rates on the platform,” said Osmat Awar, Director of Corporate Communication at McDonald’s RICC.

“From a performance perspective, we had very positive results in terms of app clicks and conversion from our Twitter app campaigns. We achieved on average 50% downloads through clicks which were the highest among other platforms,” he continued.