Does Ramadan benefit luxury brands in terms of sales?

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Nicolas Pic, Brand Director Middle East, TAG Heuer, speaks to GMR on how the iconic brand is making the most of Ramadan shopping season:

What is TAG Heuer’s marketing strategy during the Ramadan month?                                                                                                   In April this year, we presented the carefully curated “Museum in Motion” — a global exhibition, which came to Dubai for the last two weeks of April, and highlighted heritage timepieces from the brand’s museum at La Chaux-de-Fonds. ALSO READ: What do most of the Internet users in the Middle East do online? “Museum in Motion” marks the first time these watches have left the museum and the first time the pieces have been exhibited as a group. Each exhibition is built exclusively around a specific and outstanding Carrera chronograph to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the launch of TAG Heuer’s iconic Carrera collection.

“Museum in Motion” also launched the Monaco Gulf Calibre 11 Special Edition timepiece for the first time in the UAE.

The 2018 Monaco Gulf Special Edition is a new edition of the classic Heuer Monaco, launched in celebration of a new partnership between automotive icons TAG Heuer and Gulf Oil International.

This exhibition reflects our commitment to and interest in the Middle East market. The objective behind the “Museum in Motion” event is to bring out the vintage collection stored in our Swiss headquarters and showcase these time-pieces to watch-lovers in different locations around the world.

What are the different marketing strategies TAG Heuer has adopted in the region?

One of the things that make us unique is the variety of timepieces that we offer. For example, the digital watch that we created last year, was a combination of luxury and technology in one.


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This year we added a new size for the dial- 41mm. In terms of marketing channel, we have been investing in marketing campaigns both in the form of digital as well as print.

How much does Ramadan benefit your business in terms of sales?

Celebrations are always a good time when customers look for gifts and, as I said, we are here to offer the most exclusive service and time-pieces to our customers.


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Do you have an exclusive collection for women?

We don’t have a Ladies collection that is exclusive to the UAE, but we showcase all our core Ladies collections.

In 2018, we will relaunch the entire TAG Heuer Formula collection for Ladies, adding a great lifestyle and fashion touch to our offering.