Are great marketers born or made?

For many marketers can be both born or made, but for the rest the answer could be just one. However, the title can be discussed under the theory of Leadership, such as if a great leader born or made by its environment?

A study made by Steve Martin at the Harvard Business Review in 2011 concluded that 70 percent of a successful marketer who has the talent is since birth, and 30 percent of successful marketers learn are made.

Though, one is not required to have a “born talent” of becoming a marketer since he or she are able to learn the science of marketing from sources, such as books, magazines, and internet, but that takes time and there is always failure to achieve success.

Some people believe that the single-best indicator for a marketer’s success with a new company results from their personality and attribute.

Tenacity, rational optimism, disciplines, collaboration tendencies are skills that can be trained, and however, some marketers are able to be born with it.

Some might say experience isn’t relevant, but it is an important factor because it will make you more aware of what people might like or do not like. So never stay limited, always get out there in order to be more knowledgeable.

As well, being born or made, past experiences will help a marketer to learn about their mistakes in the past and help them improve later on while studying it. Therefore, it will provide a force for oneself and be better prepared for the future.

It is possible to be trained with sales skills. Such as, sales process, tool usages, and how to listen for buying signals can be educated. Therefore, some people should not devalue the importance of sales training, because not everyone can be naturally born with it.

Though, some skills that form the foundation of success of great marketers are inherited to their personalities, this could be from their great ideas or communication skills while pitching or trying to sell a product or service.

Therefore, to keep in mind, marketers can be made or born, however, they are always advised to be practicing their communication skills in order to sell and show interest in what they are trying to sell.

As well, one can be trained to know how to speak to someone and one can do it naturally. Though, we should always have an opportunity in mind because the developers can be as great as the naturally born.