The 10 creative guidelines for building wonderful mobile ads

An analysis of On Device Research’s database of 200 mobile ad effectiveness studies highlights a considerable disparity between the best and worst performing mobile ads.

According to a study Mobile Creative Best Practices conducted by On Device Research, supported by Celtra, the top 20 per cent of mobile ads in terms of ad recall record an average uplift between the exposed and control group of +20 per cent points. The remaining 80 per cent of mobile ads achieve an average percentage point uplift of just +3 per cent.

Similarly, the best performing 20 per cent of mobile ads in terms of purchase intent are six times more effective than the remaining 80 per cent.

So how to create mobile ads that really resonate with consumers?

– Logo presence on every frame is crucial

– A human presence can engage

– Product shots catch the eye

– Top-of-creative equals top-of-mind

– Be cautious with dual branding as it can distract and confuse

– A clarity of message is key. Aim for cut-through, not clutter

– Video grabs the user’s attention

– Inject a little humour

– A bit of interactivity holds the user’s attention

– If you want to drive purchase, then unsurprisingly having a strong call to action helps

Mobile ads that resonate with consumers on an emotional level, outperform the norm at all stages of the branding funnel, the report says.


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