OOX launches mobile ad monitoring

OOX, the digital advertising monitoring firm in the MENA region, has announced the launch of OOXmonitor Mobile Advertising Monitoring this month.

“This has been made possible thanks to the introduction of the OOXmonitor Next Generation Robots with advanced smart monitoring capability,” a statement said.

“The launch of mobile advertising monitoring in Q4 2016 demonstrates OOX’s leading and innovative position in the business of digital advertising monitoring, data and analytics”, said co-founder and managing director, OOX, Fouad Bedran.

“OOXmonitor subscribers are already able to generate valuable insights such as top mobile advertisers, categories, spend estimates, most popular ad units and more. We promise to deliver more innovative solutions in 2017, just stay tuned!” added Bedran.

The announcement comes at a time where mobile advertising has started to carve a share of the digital advertising investments, especially with most mobile campaigns booked programmatically and a large share of impressions served on the Google Display Network. To schedule a demo or a training, please call +971 4 55 11 OOX (669) or email OOX Support, the statement added.


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