Lama Adra, founder, Handlettered by Lama

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Handlettered by Lama was founded In March 2016 in Dubai. “I am the founder and I work alone with some support from family and friends. But everything I design and letter is my own handwriting,” says Lama Adra.

What prompted you to launch Handlettered by Lama?

Lama has a talent and passion for two things above all else; coffee and handlettering and in that order of importance too. “Handlettered by Lama” started as a writing journey around a year ago with her expressing her love for coffee as well as writing about her three kids. Now her lettering has evolved and become tailor made and hand crafted for each person, event, or season.

“Handlettered by Lama” prints combine different types of fonts, colour themes, some sketches or doodles to bring some words to life and sometimes background colours to make the messages more eye catching. She has designed and lettered several chalkboards, posters, mugs, and bags, to make birthdays, baby showers, and homes more special.

“I love to write and enjoy the feel of pen on paper contrary to how everything has turned digital now a days. You will always find my bag overflowing with pens and a notebook. You might even catch a pen stuck in my hair!”

She recently started giving workshops to help aspiring letterers get started on their journey in a fun and motivational kind of way.

Handlettering can change everyday items and turn them into works of art. “Handlettered by Lama” is adding lettering to the community to make things more personal…one letter at a time.

What’s your key message to an entrepreneur starting a business venture in the Middle East?

My key message is “Don’t wait! Believe in yourself, because that’s the only opinion that matters; and shape your own world, because no one will be doing it for you!” I say to myself now, that I should have listened to my family and friends a long time ago when they pushed me to start something that I love and am also good at; but I was always too scared to fail. Now I know it doesn’t matter if I fail, or don’t get a certain project. I learn from the situation and move on to the next one!

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