Guess what the hottest Google searches were for 2017 in UAE?

Google has announced its annual Year in Search results showcasing the most trending topics people in UAE searched for over the past year.

The lists include the top trending searches, people, events, sports personalities, shows, songs, and foods in UAE. The data is generated by looking at an aggregation of trillions of searches (or queries) that people searched on Google this year.

The lists are then filtered of spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of 2017.

The news events list was mainly dominated by regional events, with several sports-related queries topping the news events and general searches list including the World Cup and Indian Premier League 2017.

In the events category, the most trending events in the UAE was Gitex and Dubai Fitness Challenge, followed by UAE National Day. Similarly, the top trending shows list was topped by Kapil show and 13 reasons why, followed by Game of Thrones, season 7.

The most trending public figures in the UAE was topped by the famous YouTuber Logan Paul, who made his first-ever appearance in Dubai this year, along with Arab celebrities including the Kuwaiti presenter Rashid Shuaib.



1.     Indian Premier League 2017

2.     iPhone 8

3.     Dangal

4.     Ramadan

5.     Bitcoin

6.     Louvre Abu Dhabi

7.     Despacito

8.     Diwali

9.     Fidget Spinner

10.  VAT in the UAE


1.     Logan Paul

2.     Gal Gadot

3.     Bhavana

4.     Philippe Coutinho

5.     Harvey Weinstein

6.     Shuaib Rashed

7.     Chester Bennington

8.     Wafa Al Kilani

9.     Jake Paul

10.  Floyd Mayweather


Local Events

1.     Gitex

2.     Dubai Fitness Challenge

3.     UAE National Day

4.     Sole DXB

5.     Dubai Motor Show

6.     Dubai Airshow

7.     Justin Bieber Dubai

8.     VIDXB

9.     Creamfields Abu Dhabi

10.  Gulfood

Sports Events

1.     India VS Pakistan

2.     India VS England live

3.     Mayweather VS Mcgregor

4.     US open 2017 tennis

5.     Fiba Asia Cup 2017

6.     India VS Bangladesh

7.     ICC Champions

8.     PAK VS AUS

9.     India VS South Africa

10.  Real Madrid VS Juventus



1.     Kapil Show 2017

2.     13 reasons why

3.     Game of Thrones season 7

4.     Koffee with Karan season 5

5.     Ramez Taht Al Ard

6.     Khams Banat

7.     Zekrayat La Tamoot

8.     Dahaleez Al Zalam

9.     Gharabeeb Sood

10.  Ala Ad El Hal


1.     Bahubali 2

2.     Fast and Furious 8

3.     Wonder Woman

4.     Beauty and the Beast

5.     Justice League

6.     Raees

7.     Logan

8.     Dunkirk

9.     Jolly llb 2

10.  Half Girlfriend


Local Destinations

1.     Louvre Abu Dhabi

2.     La Mer Dubai

3.     Roxy cinema Dubai

4.     Legoland Dubai

5.     IMG Dubai

6.     La Perle Dubai

7.     Dubai Safari

8.     Dubai Parks

9.     Dubai Opera

10.  Global Village


1.     Qatar

2.     Ali Abdallah Saleh

3.     Hurricane Irma

4.     Jerusalem

5.     Miss World 2017

6.     Oscars 2017

7.     North Korea

8.     Catalonia

9.     Earthquake in Dubai

10.  World Cup 2018



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