9 things you probably don’t know about Snapchat in the Middle East

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Here are the things that we know very well about Snap Inc. It’s a camera company.

There are over 187 million people using Snapchat every day, including over 60m in Europe.


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With over 3.5 billion Snaps created every day, this is now greater than the number of all photographs taken every day on all phones, tablets, and digital cameras combined. (Infotrends, Nov 17)

Bitmoji was the most downloaded app in 2017 with Snapchat second. (Apple, Dec 17)

On average daily users visit Snapchat 25 times a day, and create 20 Snaps a day.

That much we do know. However, here are 9 things you probably don’t with regards to the Middle East:

#1 9 million users

There are over 9m daily active users in KSA and over 1m daily active users in the UAE.


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#2 Opening of Dubai office

The official office opening of Snap in Dubai was October 2017.

#3 Rise in advertisers spending

In the first three months of Snap Ads being available for purchase via self-serve tools, Snap tripled the number of advertisers spending in the auction – and of all the international offices the MENA region was the top contributor to growth in Q4.

#4 Saudis heavy users

According to a study commissioned by Snap 42% of Snapchatters in KSA use it as soon as they wake up.


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#5 Snap Vs FB

84% of daily KSA Snapchatters do not use Facebook on any given day.

#6 Young users

54% of Snapchatters in KSA are over 25 years old.

#7 9 publishers

Snapchat has 9 publishers who publish Editions on Discover, they are – Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, Eurosport Arabia, Layalina, MBC, Sayidaty, Sky News Arabia, U-TURN and Zahrat Al Khaleej.

#8 The first story

The first Our Story in Arabic was the Summer Olympics of 2016.


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#9 Cultural events

Through Our Stories, Snapchat has covered many key cultural moments like Hajj, Eid al-Adha and Ramadan; sporting events such as the Saudi Pro League and the Arabian Gulf Cup Final; and also the community and socio-political landscape such as the Saudi floods, Life in Bahrain, the Mosul Victory and World Refugee Day.