Anghami brings new technology for audio advertising in the MENA region

Anghami, the music streaming company in the MENA region, has introduced new innovative global technology for the first time in the region, bringing tools that will revolutionise listeners’ experience from an ad-supported music streaming.

“Anghami is the first regional platform to lead the change through its ‘Dynamic Creative Audio Ads’ and ‘Programmatic Audio Ads’ along with ‘Research-Enabled Audio offerings” said a statement.

The new technology will assist brands and creative agencies better connect with consumers through relevant messages and tailor them in real-time, the statement added.

The technology will help brands target consumers in real-time with personalised messages based on weather, time of day, location, device and, of course, the music they’re listening to.

The programmatic tools allow for always-on, real-time consumer reach across all their devices. The data communicated through allows consumers to provide their feedback and preferences.