Why today’s marketers are embracing the AI revolution

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Companies of all sizes and across industries are in the midst of a groundbreaking revolution, driven by connected customers who expect personalised and consistent experiences across every channel.

The recently released 2017 Salesforce State of Marketing Report finds that creating customer journeys augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) to meet these expectations is a major element of high-performing companies.

New gold standard

Based on a survey of 3,500 marketers worldwide, the report revealed marketers are making investments to deliver a new gold standard for customer journeys, in which AI is applied to learn from a customer’s past interactions and deliver a true one-to-one communications experience.

In fact, 57 per cent of marketing leaders surveyed say AI is absolutely or very essential in helping them achieve this goal, while 64 per cent say their company has become more focused on providing a consistent experience across every channel as a result of changing customer expectations.

These are the top four emerging trends:

Marketing is undergoing an AI revolution. The marketers surveyed anticipate their AI use will grow more than 50 per cent over the next two years, helping them deliver more targeted campaigns, smarter personalisation and higher ROI.

Marketers realise the importance of delivering customer journeys, but are having a hard time breaking down silos between sales, service and marketing, and bringing customer data together to deliver on this vision.

Marketers are making significant organisational changes, within their own departments and in how they collaborate with others, such as sales and customer service.

Marketers expect to see unprecedented growth in their marketing technology usage over the next two years.