1 in 4 deeply concerned about online privacy in the Middle East

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Digital and online technologies have provided individuals and businesses with an opportunity to network and connect with each other. Brands and marketers have also deployed various social networking platforms to serve the needs of their clients.


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However, there is also a dark side to digitization.

Recent news about data privacy on Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet have become a hot topic for internet users and companies alike.

A study by GlobalWebIndex data shows how Internet users feel about sharing their personal data with companies.

It shows that consumers are more concerned about their digital footprint than they have been previously. 25% strongly agree that they are worried about the internet eroding their personal privacy, and this figure has been slowly increasing from 18% back in 2013.

This issue is also evident when GlobalWebIndex asked about the corporate use of data.


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Globally, just over 1 in 4 Internet users strongly agree with the statement “I worry about how my personal data is being used by companies”. These privacy conscious consumers exist in all the world regions, reaching a significant high of over 1 in 2 in Latin America.

In case of Middle East and Africa region, the percentage is 28, almost in line with the global average.


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The social media and the online world has been drawing flak from global celebrities, especially after the recent Facebook data scandal that compromised the accounts of more than 50 million users.


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Paul Kelly, Principal, Digital Ape, tells GMR, “The upshot is this data breach influenced an election, allegedly, but there’s been much bigger leaks and it serves as a timely reminder that as users, we need to be protective of our digital footprint, and as advertisers, we need to make sure we put ethics, innovation and giving people what they want at the fore of what we do.”