Snapchat launches bespoke lens in Middle East. But what’s new?

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Starting today, Snapchatters in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon can now communicate with their own friends and family by creating their very own custom AR Face Lens for their own celebration!

Snap Inc. said the tool is designed for parties and events, or to use as a gift. The tool however is available only on web and iOS, but the company says an Android version is in the pipeline.

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Users can create their own lens in minutes, and their lens can be ready to use in just a couple of hours. There are over 150 templates to choose from and each can be personalised with the user’s own text and emoji.

Snap Inc. has been adding new features on its platform. Last week, it opened its marketing API to any developer, big or small, who’d like to access the platform.

Here’s how to create a bespoke Lens in under five minutes:

– On desktop visit

– In Snapchat tap your Bitmoji in the top left corner, tap the Settings cog and select Filters and Lenses

– Choose a category and one of over 150 templates themed around an occasion

– Add your own text and emoji in the style of your choosing

– Enter the time and location of your event – you can cover from 1800 sq metres to 450,000 sq metres – enough for a small event or an entire village.

– Confirm details and pay using a variety of payment methods. Prices are dependent on Lens location, duration, and other factors and start under $10.

So will this move be a revenue generator for Snap Inc.?

M.R. Raghu, Managing Director, Marmore MENA Intelligence, told GMR, ““Snapchat users could create custom augmented reality (AR) face lenses which are priced from $9.99 onwards depending on various add-ons that the customer would like. This feature is similar to the existing custom geo-filters that allow users to purchase and personalize. The roll-out of new features is part of Snapchat’s ongoing effort to expand its customer base by increasing its appeal to a wide range of audience. The new feature would also provide snapchat with an additional stream for generating revenues.”