What do millennials in MENA watch on YouTube?

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The MENA region is one of the top markets in terms of YouTube total watchtime, with Saudi Arabia ranking the first in terms of watchtime per capita. Saudi Arabia also contributes a quarter to MENA’s total watchtime.

According to the latest research by YouTube in MENA, 1 in 3 among the Saudi Arabia and the UAE populations are millennials (aged between 18-34). Millennials in these countries are also eager to learn new things, with as much as 83% of them watch educational content on YouTube, notes the research headed by Pierric Duthoit, Head of Branding at Google MENA.

Below are other findings of the research:

– YouTube is the most used platform among Millennials in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

– They make up 60% of YouTube’s audience in UAE and KSA

– 83% of them visit YouTube at least once a day

– As much percentage of millennial believe that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn

– 60% watch how-to and reviews at least once per week

Millennials are more loyal to YouTube Creators than non-millennials, 1 out of 4 watch them on a daily basis

– 70% of young YouTube subscribers say they relate to creators more than traditional celebrities

Where do brands fit into all of this?

Millennials trust brands when it comes to tips and purchasing decisions, the research finds, with 1 in 3 mothers say YouTube is a relevant source of seeking advice in parenting topics. Also, 1 in 2 mothers say they are influenced by YouTube before purchasing a product.

58% of millennials surveyed said they watch ads from brands, videos from retailers, unboxing videos and product demos at least once per week on YouTube, the research notes, adding that there’s an ongoing interaction between brands and Millennials on YouTube.

This is explained by the fact that 70% of millennial parents follow brands they are interested in on YouTube, while 56% of female millennials have asked friends or family about a brand after watching a video on YouTube that helped them in the purchase.