Marketer Alert: Why cold-calling no longer works in UAE

Cold-calling in the UAE is no longer having an impact, according to a research by the global professional network giant LinkedIn.

According to the research, when today’s buyer wants information about a product or service, they are looking for material that is useful, relevant and, most of all, not overly “salesy.” Almost a third (32 per cent) of business decision makers in the UAE would respond to a cold call less than ten percent of the time.

Professional image works

However, they are more likely to respond to someone with a professional image. For instance, 81 per cent of businesses are more likely to engage with a salesperson and select the sales professional’s company as a vendor if the company has a reputable brand.

Meanwhile, 71 per cent would be more encouraged to engage with sales representatives if they demonstrated a clear understanding of their business needs.

The tech transformation

The research also reiterates how technology is transforming the sales profession, from the way leads are generated, to the conversations that happen once the “digital handshake” is made.

To a large extent, new technologies are accelerating connections, shortening sales cycles, and bringing a new level of transparency that is unlike anything buyers and sellers have ever experienced.

Sales tech on the rise

According to the survey, nearly 80 per cent of sales professionals say they are using sales technology to shorten lengthy sales cycles, close bigger deals, and grow their revenue while nearly 90 percent of sales professionals’ report that sales technology is either “important” or “very important” for closing deals.

“Investment in sales technology is increasing and it’s being invested in emerging technologies like social tech. Younger salespeople are pioneering new technology, and younger decision makers are turning to social media more readily. The ‘Sales Tech Revolution’ is in full swing,” commented Stefanie Fernandez, the newly-appointed Head of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn MENA.

Fernandez, who was appointed to the role earlier this month, will oversee the LinkedIn Sales Solutions business across the MENA region, leading and supporting her team and clients adopt the concept of social selling.


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