This is how interactivity will revolutionise marketing

* Over the last ten years, marketing has been a decidedly one-way affair.

* In the scramble to capture consumers’ attention, brands have sought to push their message wider, louder, and further – with marketing that thrusts advertising cheerily into increasingly intimate contexts.

According to a report ‘Ad Apocalypse: Why Brands Won’t Survive Without Interactive Experiences’ by the Digital Campaign CMS platform, Wayin, the digital marketing we’re familiar with relies on a ‘broadcast’ approach. Budgets have moved across to digital, but up until now the majority of digital marketing is still just a broadcast format.

Facebook, YouTube and the like are not interactive campaign destinations, they are merely video display networks for ads, the Wayin report says.

So how can interactivity revolutionise marketing as we know it?

Data-rich companies need to build direct relationships with consumers

Advertising has perpetuated the lack of real interaction a brand has with consumers. Progressive brands are now data-rich, they know who you are, what products you use, the frequency of consumption and what additional products you might be interested in because they have a direct relationship with customers, the Wayin report says.

The solution: Interactivity

The solution is not to find new ways to beat ad-blockers, playing a cat and mouse game with consumers, until they turn off from your brand all together, the report adds.

The solution is to listen to consumers and to use technology to make marketing engaging again. Digital transformation is about creating new, interactive ways to share experiences with everyone. That’s what digital channels can provide. The onus is on driving real engagement – getting people to take an action: to vote, to share, to click, to purchase.

Brands can increase engagement and create direct interactions with consumers by seamlessly integrating interactive elements into ads, web pages, content and more, from UGC to quizzes, live polls to social integrations.

Make Ads Sharable

This might sound like pie-in-the-sky utopia for marketers, but hear it out. Not only can you get customers to view your ads, but you can get them to share the content too, continues the Wayin report. Sure, it sounds far-fetched, but clever television advertisers have been doing it for years. But when was the last time someone shared a display ad? In fact, when was the first time?

Of course it’s more di cult to create the emotional connection in a couple of digital inches that a tv ad can. Advertisers need to give consumers a reason to share their content, and to do this they need to eschew the shouty clickbait and ‘buy me, buy me’ CTAs and create fun, personalized ads.

Whether leveraging popular trends, encouraging user-generated content or shareable CTAs, it’s about being fun and offering consumers something worth sharing if you want to amplify reach and participation. Revolutionising marketing as we know it.

Social appverts: A new way of delivering interactive experiences

Consumers are not just bored with ads, but banner-blind. Even well placed ads that are rich with relevant content get ignored.

So providing interactive experiences, and getting that content front and centre, where consumers actually spend their time online is key.

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