5 do’s and don’ts of excellent customer service

To achieve outstanding customer service is focusing on helping the customers who buy, use your products and keep them happy by solving their problems. Even though, sometimes when an employee supports or helps a customer, mistakes could undergo the process. Therefore, the business might end up losing that loyal customer, which is the last thing a business would want.


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Even though some business owners, marketing directors and managers across the board focus mainly on delivering over-the-top customer service experience, yet, poor customer service still exists in the business.

Here are the top Do’s and Don’ts that can ensure employees to perform their job professionally and serve customers rights.

5 basic do’s of customer service:

Respect your customer and be polite: It is one of the most important rules that should be followed. Most of the times, you will interact with your customer through a telephone or online and the customer might not be able to see your face while chatting. Therefore, make sure you keep your tone polite and patient. Treat them like a VIP, because they are the reason the business is running.


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Be honest: Do not give any false hopes to your customer. If you are promising something to the customer, make sure you can deliver it. Make a clear statement about the return and refund policies in the company. Respond and follow-up when you say you will.

Take responsibility: Being professional in customer service implies that you are ready to take responsibility for any problem or negative experience a customer might have with your product or service. Even if the fault is not yours, always be ready to sincerely apologize to a customer on behalf of your business. Make sure the issue gets fixed quickly and smoothly as possible in order to bring back the customer later on.


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Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes: Always think of how you look from a customer’s perspective. Look back at your personal experience where you encountered unsatisfactory customer service and apply it in order to do better.

Thank the customer: Make sure that your customers feel appreciated after buying your product. Thank them for using your services and purchasing. A little gratitude can go a long way and make the customer come back from more.

5 basic don’ts of Customer service are:

Don’t make things overly complicated: Today’s consumers are much more sophisticated, experienced and technically savvy, which expect to have a straightforward and easy access to your customer service. Therefore, having an easy access to your customer service is what is needed. Your company should have the available tools, phone, e-mail, Live Chat, FAQs, self-service, social media chat, and many more.

Don’t be indifferent: Being indifferent kill’s customer service and means you just don’t care. Yes, it can be a hazard to have hundreds or dozens of problems on a daily basis but this should not be avoided. Your job is to take care and make any customer’s problems your own problem.

Don’t treat customers as transactions: Do not treat customers coming to your website or office as one-time transactions, try to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customer. Show a true interest in doing business with them and stay in touch as much as you can to nurture the relationship.


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Don’t ignore customer feedback: Always listen to your customers. They are the people who want your company to perform better, therefore, allow them to give their feedback and experience with you. Keep open to any kind of suggestions as well. Always let them know you care about what they think and expect better from the company.

Don’t be afraid of complaints: Do not discourage complaints because they are inevitable. Any complaint is an opportunity to find and fix. The more complaints the better, because they direct your attention to the areas that need improvement.