10 Social media marketing mistakes brands often make

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The Social media wave is undeniably an indispensable marketing tool of the modern business world.

Social media if handled carefully and cleverly, can prove to be a gift to any business but one tiny mistake in an inexperienced hand could be a big setback.

Brands need to be wary of making mistakes that tarnish their image and in turn affect their business negatively.

One might think that simply setting up a bunch of social media accounts is enough to get the full benefits of social media marketing but it’s not as easy as it seems.

Some businesses think just about anyone can manage social media accounts but in fact it needs special expertise and a clear strategy to get the most out of a brand’s social media.

Here are 10 social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

It’s not all about you

The very reason for joining social media is to be social so make sure you focus more on your audience and less on yourself. Your posts must relate to your target audience.

If you only have posts related to your brand, products, employees, awards and PR etc. you will come across as a self-obsessed brand, which ultimately translates, to a boring social media space.

Your audience wants to hear about things that they can relate to whether it is your take on the latest award function, state of the economy, natural disasters or the political situation.

The whole idea behind social media is to humanize your brand as much as possible.

Strategy is everything

It is imperative for any business to have a social media strategy before jumping on the social media bandwagon.

Social media strategy includes making careful decisions regarding which channels to use, choosing the relevant target audience, selecting success metrics and having a clearly planned content strategy.

The point of having a strategy is to understand your target audience and come up with creative ways to engage them. It helps make certain that your social media content is not too serious, too funny or too boring.

How much is too much?

The usage of hashtags is an invaluable tool to become visible to your target audience but how much is too much? Using to many hashtags can become annoying after a point.

Make sure you use only relevant hashtags and as far as possible use two hashtags per tweet or post.

Multiple profiles dedicated to a single brand

A common trend is where a single brand has multiple profiles on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter, all of whom link to the main website. The first objection to this is that it is legally not right.

The second issue is that, it is a waste. It makes better sense to make an effort in a single direction and get your target audience to engage with your brand.

It is pointless to build a large number of followers who really aren’t even interested in your brand and are connecting to build their own following.

Limited interaction

The idea behind social media is to get the attention of your target audience and ultimately keeping them engaged and interested.

A lot of brands have regular updates but there is no ensuing conversation hence a lack of engagement with the brand.

Lack of conversation with your target audience leads to a decrease in the value of your social presence and you miss out on building valuable relationships.

Real people vs. opportunists

There are all kinds of accounts floating around on the Internet and while a section of these are your actual target audience, the rest are just looking for any opportunity to increase their following.

A successful Social media presence needs real followers, which is only possible through a slow and steady network of real people who are your true target audience.

Handling publicity

The old adage, “Bad publicity is also good publicity” does not literally translate very well where social media is concerned. Your Social media posts are a result of your ideology and principles.

A single careless social media mistake can result in the ruin of your carefully built social reputation.

In the hunt for that viral video or post, make sure you are not indulging in disparaging your competitive brand or offending your target audience. A small mistake can have far reaching effects in the world of social media.

Spamming is a no no

Spam is a menace to all of us and we make sure we instantly delete these unwanted emails. Social media is no exception to this rule.

Avoid an unnecessary flurry of posts which might annoy your target audience and lead them to ‘unfriend’ you. The best way to go about creating posts is to spread them out over the day on various social media sites.

Avoid long time gaps

It is advisable to post only when you have information worth sharing but this does not mean that you create only one post a month.

Make sure you are regular with your social media updates and remain connected to your target audience. As we discussed before, create posts that the audience relates to and not just about your product/brand etc.

The fun element

The ultimate result of social media marketing might be serious business but you should try to spice up your posts with some fun and laughter, which goes down very well in the world of social media.

Keep your target audience entertained with a lighter side to your serious brand.