Top 5 reasons consumers shop online in Saudi Arabia and UAE

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Finding the right price point is a key factor in deciding to shop online in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, according to the latest research by YouGov.

As per the research these are the five top reasons why consumers in these two countries shop online, namely, easy to find products I’m interested in; I can shop for anything from the comfort of my home; I can find better prices; easier to compare prices and products across different brands, all at the same time; and lastly, I can find a wider variety of styles and products than what is present in-store.


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Overall, multi-brand online-only stores are the most popular ecommerce choice for half of online shoppers in the UAE and KSA. 51% of UAE consumers and 52% of KSA consumers say websites which have multiple categories and brands under them which are provided only online are where they do most of their online shopping.

The YouGov eCommerce Tracker, a syndicated study of online consumer behaviour launched in 2017, interviews 2,000 consumers every 3 months in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The first set of results show retailer websites which have a physical presence in store and online are less popular, preferred by 32% of UAE online shoppers; 27% in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile single brand websites which have a physical in store and online presence are favored by just 18% and 17% of UAE and KSA consumers respectively.


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The most popular products to buy are electronics, favoured by 89% and 88% of consumers in the UAE and KSA respectively – particularly males (90%).

In the 3 months prior to when the study was conducted, mobile phones were the hottest electronic product flying through online check outs – according to 43% of consumers in the UAE, 32% in KSA.

The research found half of UAE respondents, (56% in KSA), cite the ease with which they can find products they are interested in as the main reason they shop online.


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Over a third, particularly those aged 35+ in the UAE and 35-39 in KSA, also like the fact that they can shop for anything from the comfort of their own home.

Interestingly however, despite craving an easy navigation path to their most favoured products, the study found a negative association with that need.

29% of UAE consumers, particularly Emiratis (41%), and 26% of consumers in Saudi Arabia claim the biggest turn off online shopping is the way it makes you shop impulsively.