GMR’s 40 Under 40, some of the most innovative marketers of 2017

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Join us in congratulating the 40 marketing superstars of the MENA region published in the October 2017 issue of Gulf Marketing Review (GMR)! The first of its kind, GMR’s 40-under-40 list of honorees — culled from a list of over 100 — brings to the limelight professionals that are moving the marketing profession and are change-agents in different sectors.

This was echoed strongly in how they describe themselves too. As you’ll read in subsequent posts (coming soon…), these young marketing leaders are also innovators and game changers in their respective fields.

These young marketers deserve the spotlight to shine on them, and we are very excited! Displaying the characteristics of tenacity, resilience, ambition, and hard work, they are courageous and find it easy to take charge.

Watch this space for more…