How adtech plus martech will revolutionise marketing

The convergence of advertising technology (adtech) and marketing technology (martech) is a popular topic among marketers, vendors and investors, but it is rarely explored beyond high-level chatter and token product expansions.

But, according to a Forrester report, convergence is happening despite the two categories’ different worldviews and it will affect tens of billions of dollars in marketing spend.

The report A More Perfect Union: Adtech And Martech Convergence Will Revolutionize Marketing says that, while marketing doesn’t require advertising, advertising is definitely marketing.

The adtech and martech convergence isn’t merely a foregone conclusion; it has already started. The prospect of convergence with martech may be disruptive, but adtech vendors still have an opportunity to control their own destinies.

The opportunity to apply the strengths of advertising technology to broad marketing challenges beyond display media is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, Forrester says.

Adtech vendors need to carefully consider their options to fully leverage their data and technology capabilities, select ecosystem partners, and prioritize their road maps according to likely convergence paths.

The following are the three key takeaways from the report:

Macro trends drive convergence

The adtech and martech convergence has historically occurred in fits and starts due to the challenges of resolving different priorities and business models. But new economic and marketing trends now make convergence a priority across stakeholders.

Convergence is a positive outcome

The adtech and martech convergence is disruptive and appropriately viewed with skepticism. But it drives tangible long-term bene ts for B2C marketers, technology vendors, and agencies.

Convergence is a process

This isn’t a single-step process. It is the first stage of a larger advertising and marketing integration and will occur over several years in phases as technologies, marketing practices and market dynamics play out.

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