5 killer ways to make great online marketing videos

The Internet market is fiercely competitive and having a good product is no longer a guarantee of success. There’s no doubt that online video marketing is gradually becoming a significant feature of marketing.

As per a research, in 2017 videos would be 50 times more likely to receive organic first-page ranking. With stats like this, it’s no wonder that advertising professionals are running to produce marketing videos.

Unfortunately, many are getting it wrong. Most of what is produced is not good enough to stand out from the crowd. It’s fair to say that making these videos can be a daunting task for a beginner. We’ve put together a few tips to help out.

Focus on the story

Customers no longer relate to a video full of sales clutter; they want a compelling story they can relate to. Find a sympathetic or happy character, make an introduction, highlight the journey and conflicts, get to the climax and finally end the story with a powerful conclusion.

Show personality

Whatever the video is promoting, it’s likely not the first one to do so. A successful video needs to stand out. And to do this, the unique factor of the product or service must stand out.

Be clear

A good marketing video must be crystal clear about the audience it is aimed to. If the goal is to generate leads, choosing the right audience is key.

Professional quality

Hiring a professional videographer saves time and adds creative insight to the project. A good professional will not only produce a great video but also provide insight into future success.

Content is king

Another way to improve value is to lighten it up. The worst thing that could happen when producing an ad video is to make a long, boring video.


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