PHD retains Arla Foods account for more than 10 years

PHD, the global media network is celebrating a decade with Arla Foods, its founding client after successful retention. When PHD first opened its doors in the UAE in 2006, Arla Foods entrusted its business to the new entity as its foundational account.

A decade later, not only has the global foods conglomerate reappointed the network after a statutory four-way market review with top-ranked agencies, it has added new markets to the scope of the contract. This is the second time that the media network has successfully retained the account since its original appointment, a statement said.
“There has never been a dull moment in our decade-long partnership with PHD,” said Regional Marketing Director of Arla Foods Mahitab Hamed. “We have overcome several challenges, enjoyed many triumphs and gained plenty of learnings together over the years. If there’s anyone who knows our business besides us, it’s PHD.”
“The truly meaningful partnerships are the ones that not only overcome the obstacles, but are even strengthened by these challenges,” Managing Director of PHD UAE, Luca Allam commented. “Arla Foods has been a part of the PHD family since day one and has played a big role in the network’s journey of growth over the years. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to this exceptional relationship, having demonstrated how we will take it further to reach new heights.”


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