3 sales mistakes to avoid when negotiating with your client

The important thing to remember about sales is that it is a skill and one that can continue to be developed. With patience, dedication and close attention to trends, learning the ropes and success are just around the corner.

It’s common for salespeople to have many clients and varying degrees of engagement with these. You might enjoy working with some of them more than the others and you’ll need different approaches in your dealings with them. So what should you do to ensure that they continue to avail your services?

There are some mistakes which you must not make while working in sales. Just remember the points below, and you are good to go!


When you are pitching customers, be specific and stick to what they want and need to know. Too much information at once is likely to confuse them and turn them away. Be precise and professional, but avoid technical jargon. Share all the required information upfront and don’t meander from the topic or act desperate and pushy which tends to turn people off. Transparent dealings are the best for securing long term clients.

Arrogance loses you clients

Don’t create the feeling of doing your client a favour. Be humble and polite in your dealings, and make them feel that it would greatly benefit them if they made a deal with you. Don’t try to make pressure sales; these often backfire. Respect and listen to their opinions and decisions, and this will benefit you in the long run.

Lack of professionalism

If potential customers have agreed to sign a deal, don’t make them change their mind by starting to say something stupid and completely off-topic. Avoid sensitive topics like religion and politics.

Avoiding the above mistakes will increase your chances of making a deal.


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