Tips for start-ups: How to overcome fear when starting a business

Fear can play a big role when an individual is deciding to do a start-up company. Even if an individual is willing to take risks, change, or challenges, the uncertainty of a start-up can play a major role on pursuing your dream or idea.

Therefore, to be able to conquer your fears, here are 10 tips to do so:

Visualise your success

Start off by creating a vision you would want to achieve, and then write it down. It is good to ask questions, such as “What kind of office space do I want to work in?” or “What type of clients do I want to serve?” If you don’t focus on what success might look like, then you will not work towards it.

Get educated

It is best to get educated, because knowledge is a powerful tool to use once starting up a business. Take classes and attend seminars in order for you to learn the practical skills to start and then grow your business.

WaterTiger’s, Adam Scheuer mentioned once that, education resources can be found everywhere and it can be overwhelming to many business owners.

He has tried out everything from Chambers of Commerce to BBB to even training programs. As well as, online offerings, textbooks, social media and many more.

Eliminate ‘I can’t’

The first thing you should do is never say I can’t. Do not try to put up mental barriers where you will allow yourself to think that you can’t do something.

Therefore, the alternative is to say, “How can I?” This will eliminate the negativity in your mind and will give you motivation to solve problems and move forward.

Accept confusion

Even though coming up with the business idea might have been an easy step, however, you will still have to tackle in a small business some internal conflict and confusion. Though, it is part of the process of starting a business.

Therefore, the important thing to note is to accept the confusion and conflict, then find a friend, family member or even a business mentor to be your support and help you solve the problem.

Know there is no ‘right’ time

Do not wait or extend your goal for starting a business. There is never a “right” moment or time. The best or most successful entrepreneurs started their own businesses with very little money and barely any experience.

However, a lot have succeeded and became innovators. Therefore, once an idea comes up, always try to strive to make it happen because you never know what fate has in store for you.

Make decisions and stick to them

Never make promises you can’t keep. If anyone asks for a favor or you have to do something that you are unsure of, just say, “I’ll get back to you”.

This is because, it is easy to say yes but hard to let go off because you might end up regretting it, wasting your time, money and energy.

Therefore, practice this saying and also practice on saying now when you think that the task will not benefit you. This will expand your sense of self-worth.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed

Every person feels overwhelmed when starting a business. You will have to try to find a balance with your new work and home life because there will be many new tasks that you will have to learn. It is recommended to write down what situation, through or feeling prompted when you feel overwhelmed.

Every time you do this technique then you will see some development, and then you will start knowing how to overcome them and avoid them from happening. Though, being overwhelmed can be from anything such as, creating a new process, hiring an accountant or consultant or even seeking education.

Practice patience

Excitement can always flip and become frustration when things are not progressing as fast as you expected. Therefore, by practicing on being patient on your own time, then you will be able to be more patient with yourself and the process of your business, employees and many more in your life.

Try next time when you are stuck in traffic or waiting in line to be patient, this will help with practicing.

Ask for help

When you are stuck or do not know what to do, it is okay to ask for help or guidance. A lot of start-ups might fall into obstacles. Therefore, utilize local resources because they will help you.

Especially if you have a good relationship with them, however, some might ignore you, but some are kind enough of to help because they were probably in your shoes too.

Trust your instincts

Entrepreneurship can be scary at most times and people may tell you that you’re crazy for quitting a good job, though, no one knows you more than yourself.

The more you take action on your instincts, the more you will be able to trust them. Therefore, always strive for what you think is best for you, because at the end of the day you know yourself better than anyone.