Marketers Take Note: How to build privacy and security into your strategy

Marketing and customer insights (CI) pros are increasingly implementing a multitude of new technologies that use a wide variety of customer data for insights and engagement, says Forrester, in its report Protect Your Investment: Build Privacy And Security Into Your Marketing Technology Strategy.

These acquisitions frequently attract questions from security and risk (S&R) pros regarding the privacy, security, and compliance impacts of the technologies’ implementation and operation.

The report provides marketers with guidance on best practices to proactively address S&R concerns.

Key takeaways:

Marketers need technology risk guidance

Marketers’ urgency to adopt new technology often overshadows their consideration of the risks the technology presents.

Firms must proactively manage marketing technology and data to avoid regulatory risks and brand damage, says Forrester report.

S&R pros are marketing technology partners

Keeping S&R colleagues out of the loop during procurement can lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

By treating S&R as a trusted technology acquisition partner from day one, marketers ensure that their technology gets up and running with as few delays as possible, Forester report says.

S&R must vet agencies too

Agencies frequently select, host, and use technology and consumer data on behalf of their clients but without the same depth of S&R oversight as the client’s internal process.

Firms must conduct full reviews and due diligence on any agency that represents the company, Forrester report adds.

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