How content investment will change in next 2 years

Marketing leaders increasingly recognise how content facilitates purchase journeys, customer service and customer relationships, leading to greater and greater content investment.

Marketers will aim to increase their content efficiency with in-house hires, but gradually discover that third parties provide better outcomes for the price, according to a Forrester report titled The State Of Marketing Content Spending.

These are the key takeaways from the report:

1. Content marketing is critical to 70 per cent of marketers

Investments in content and content marketing are up across the board. One out of every two brands is increasing its investment by 20 per cent or more year on year.

2. Good money risks chasing bad money

Marketers are poor judges of their own content marketing performance. Their agency partners bring a much more skeptical take to marketers’ content skills.

3. Digital agencies hoover up content dollars

Digital agencies, social agencies and customers’ user-generated content are all due to win greater budgets in 2017, while the branded content provider market consolidates.


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