IAA UAE Chapter establishes IAA UAE production forum

Hani Ghorayeb, President of IAA UAE chapter has announced setting up of a new IAA UAE forum to represent specific goals related to the expansion and good practices of the film and video advertising production community in UAE.

Professional content production is central to the requirement of a thriving advertising category. As the demand for content production across multiple platforms grows there is a clear need to have a team focused on raising industry standards, resolving industry issues and standardising best practices, a statement said.

Over the last two terms the IAA UAE has diversified its Board to include educationalists, clients, media, digital, integrated and traditional creative agencies.

Now it is extending the remit to support the needs of the advertising production community, which is a significant section of the membership it serves today.

A forum has been established with steering and working committees who are tasked to drive the IAA UAE- Production Forum agenda, the statement added.

Announcing the formation of the IAA UAE-Production Forum, Hani Ghorayeb, President of the IAA UAE Chapter, commented, “The Communications industry in UAE is a diverse and thriving sector. Having our production industry members focus on a specific agenda that promotes and expands their role in UAE is a very welcome and timely initiative given the rise of content”

The IAA UAE-Production Forum is made up of IAA UAE individual members who are Producers, Location Managers, Production Managers and Aerial Professionals. The first steering committee leaders are:

KAREN COETZEE, Owner/Producer, Central Films

SHANE MARTIN, Owner/Exec Producer, Boomtown

LYALL GARDINER, Owner/Location Manager, Fstop Locations

ALI AZARMI, Managing Partner, Joy Films

The IAA UAE-Production Forum’s mission:

– To enable the Film and TV Production Industry to speak with one voice, representing the interests and solving the problems facing the Production Industry in the UAE.

– To be a meaningful interface between the Production Industry, Advertisers, Agencies and Media. All IAA Members who share common interests and challenges.

– To promote the UAE Production Industry locally and internationally, creating worldwide confidence in a well-regulated, professionally resourced, competitive industry.

– To formalize and agree best professional work practices and ethics for all aspects of our Industry from Crewing and Casting to Bidding and Billing.

Karen Coetzee who is part of the new Steering committee commented: “The IAA UAE-Production Forum is a first in the UAE and a perfect fit and launch pad for the film and television community to speak with one voice. It will be a meaningful interface and a very constructive way to communicate between the Production Industry, Advertising Agencies and Media. Dubai Film and TV Commission and Abu Dhabi Film Commission are also a very important element in this initiative and the IAA UAE Production Forum look forward to working closely with them.”

Under the umbrella of the IAA UAE Board this newly established production community will meet monthly at the IAA UAE premises and will create strong ties with the production community as they work against their core mission, the statement added.